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Godin/Seagull & GuitarPickZone Endorsement

Godin/Seagull & GuitarPickZone Endorsement

Godin/Seagull Endorsement

John is now an endorsee for Godin/Seagull guitars. He is long serving player of these fine guitars. Check out the website for a huge array of incredible instruments!!

I am very happy to announce two special guitar companies that have kindly and generously endorsed me with their instruments and accessories.

The first is Godin/Seagull who is a Canadian guitar, bass and amp manufacturer. Godin make the electrics, basses and the semi-acoustic guitars whilst Seagull is their Acoustic sub-set. I use both their electric guitars, acoustic guitars as well as their amplifiers. I have been a long serving player of these fine guitars and I hope to continue to do this incredible brand justice. I am so grateful to Godin for believing in my skills and acknowledging my determination to continuing to learn more about guitar as well as music in general.

The second guitar company that has generously endorsed me is Guitar Pick Zone. The Guitar Pick Zone company supplies me with all of my guitar picks as well as other guitar accessories such as cables, strings, pedals and a whole lot more. Thank you to the guys over at the Pick Zone for giving me a proper endless supply of guitar picks. I know to some, guitar picks may seem like such an insignificant thing but for me they serve as one of the most important tools for my guitar playing. I also tend to use a variety of plectrums in different shapes and sizes to achieve different sounds and tones. it is for this reason that I am always in constant need of guitar picks.

I will cherish these endorsements and once again would like to express my sincere gratitude to these guitar companies for believing in me enough to provide me with awesome gear!

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