Black Ship Bright Sea

£12 - The John Bailey Quintet features John Bailey (nylon string guitars), Richard Iles (flugelhorn), Tim France (sax), Gavin Barras (double bass) and Steve Hanley (drums). The quintet is based in the Northwest of England. The new album features entirely original material written by John. The music on 'Black Ship Bright Sea' draws on influences from 20th Century Classical music and from European Jazz. The compositional devices rely on crossing of melodies between instruments and simultaneous melodies instead of simple harmonised ones. Harmonically the movement of chords is not based particularly on a usual system seen in jazz composition; the techniques are more in line with those of Arvo Part, each note having absolute importance and all tones present for a reason.

John Bailey - Classical Guitar
Richard Iles - Flugelhorn
Tim France - Sax
Gavin Barras - Double Bass
Steve Hanley - Drums

Full Track List

  1. Strength In Numbers
  2. Little Bird
  3. Positive Thinking
  4. Sfumato
  5. Alchemy
  6. Amoeba Men
  7. A Green Sun I
  8. A Green Sun II
  9. A Green Sun III
  10. A Green Sun IV
  11. Flight Path
  12. It's A Strange World